Monday 10 September 2018

Cool Old School Photo

Saw this photo on the web and it brought back a lot of memories.  It is a cool old photo from about twenty years ago. 

University Judo Club at a competition.  Not sure which because it was one of many. 

Nelly is in the bottom left with Rick (when he had black hair!)

Beside Nellie is Morgan Endicott-Davies. Ivor Endicott-Davies is an old mate of Rick's from Japan days. Morgan his son  trained with Rick at University for reasonable period of time probably a year (could be wrong) but it was fun. Morgan was a tough fighter. 

Beside Morgan is the ageless Mike Sethna,

In the back row are Craig Bartlett (who is a Howick man but still a good guy) me, Don Fairley and Andrew Pragnell. All looking younger. 

Good times.