Sunday 26 March 2017

Big Judo Competition Coming Soon

 This is New Zealand's biggest competition. Last year we had. 

  • Three competition mats in operation all day for two days;
  • 360 entries; from
  • 11 countries.

It is a weekend of Judo that was is as good as you will get in New Zealand.

Big Judo will have a small group of people fighting, But we are keen to support so if you can volunteer put 29-30 July in your calendar right now. 

Thursday 16 March 2017

Big Judo Big Tuesdays

Tuesday nights are going hard-core.  We get lots of people on the mat and they are learning good Judo.  

Most importantly Big Judo's strategy is starting to pay dividends.  We started with kids.  While we trained kids we recruited social adults.  Now the biggest kids need to be extended we have a good bunch of friendly experienced adults to mentor them.  Even better at the other end of the club we have lots of beginners. 

Between our instructors, our parents, our supporters and the Judoka themselves we are building something special,  Awesome. 

Saturday 11 March 2017

Big Judo Big Saturday

 We have three full classes on Saturday. Little kids and beginners.  Big kids and adults.  Lots and lots going on. At Big Judo we focus on kids and social adults.  We have a couple of adults that are interested in competition but mostly we are a pretty social bunch that just wants to promote Judo.

I wish we were cool.  But we are just a bunch of old black belts with a few competition titles between us that like teaching people Judo.  So if you are uncool check us out sometime.

Kids being coached

Kids doing Judo 

Adults in action 

Saturday 4 March 2017

Big Judo Adults Training in Town

Nice photo of the adults this Saturday.  Adults train pretty socially but they provide good environment to support the development of our teenagers.

Last thing young teenagers need in Judo is a group of hyper competitive older Judoka bashing them up!

Instead at Big we have a nice group of older Judoka keen to extend their Judo. Oh and a coaching team with 'real' black belts and a pretty good competition history.

We have been planning this step for ages. We started with kids. The kids have grown up.  As they grew up we started getting our adults together so that when they were teenagers we had the next environment they need for progression.

Its pretty satisfying.