Monday, 9 September 2019

North Island Champs 2019

We had three people fight at the 2019 North Island Championships. Scott, Wiremu and Jack all of them fought well but are the bottom of their age categories so we did not manage any medals. But winning is not the most important thing. What is important is that they are enjoying their Judo.  Loved this photo,

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Big Judo Female Fight Night

We have been talking about hosting a Friday night, female randori night for a little while and finally we are ready to go.

Details are:

o   Date: Friday 9 August
o   Location Big Judo Dojo, St Martins Church Hall, Corner of Sandringham and Mt Albert Roads
o   Time: 7  pm

In summary:

·         Nellie will run the session. Nellie has been doing Judo for more than thirty years and in her prime was one of our top Judo players. Competing at the Commonwealth Games. She also lived and trained in Europe placing in European competitions.  She is also very well respected in the BJJ and MMA community having won many competitions in these disciplines on top of her Judo success.

·         She is tough and committed to developing women’s Judo i.e. it will be a safe, supervised, social environment and there will be no bad or unsafe behaviour.

·        Nellie knows how tough it is for women and girls to keep up their Judo. With a small pool of people too often females are small minority in a club and either have to train with men or the same females all the time. 

·        So we wanted to provide an opportunity for a fun, safe randori session. We aren’t going to teach technique (that’s up to coaches) but we do want to provide an opportunity for females (of all ages) to get together and do Judo.

·       The aims are:

o   Network i.e. meet other women doing Judo
o   Practice with women
o   Have fun

Be great to see you there. 

Big Judo Term Three

Term 3 has started and numbers are good.  Across the team we are moving kids 'up'. The teenagers starting to train more with the adults and kids moving from the beginners to the advanced class. 

The beginners class.  

The advanced kids class

Combined with a successful run in Tauranga in which we took 15 kids and won 11 medals including four golds we think Term Three will be a good term at Big Judo. 

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Big Judo - Our Aim More People Doing Judo

Big Judo Sandringham recently ran it's first promotional activity. Normally, 'word of mouth' keeps our number reasonably high.  But now that we have a better dojo and a growing pool of instructors we felt it was time to cast the net wider and try to grow a bit.

The promotion was a 'Bring a Friend Day".  I ran the kids session and Nelly ran the adults. 

Ben talking to the kids doing safety briefs and discussing the dojo's rules and protocols
And here is Nelly doing the same with the grown-ups and teenagers.  

Two of our teenagers helping out demonstrating. Awesome to have them helping out.  

And more of our awesome teenagers helping out. 'Service' is one of Big Judo's three values and it is very satisfying to see our young Judoka helping out, 

Three photos of me and Nelly busy running things.  It is fantastic to be working with my sister introducing more people to Judo,

Teaching ne-waza (ground grappling) skills because big or small we are going to let you have a wrestle. 

Adults playing balance games.  

What it is all about.  More children on  the mat doing Judo,

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Saturday Big Judo - Reflection

Kids sitting quietly after Judo.  Parents on the side of the mat.  Next class waiting. Awesome Saturday afternoon.  Sometimes calmness and reflection are the action only action required. 

Monday, 13 May 2019

Big Day for Juniors at Auckland International Open

The Auckland International Open is New Zealand's premiere Judo competition. It attracts players from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. 

Three competition mat areas going for two days so that 350 competitors all had an opportunity to compete.

We only enter our most confident and competent players in this competition. This year we had four juniors  fighting.  Unfortunately one was injured training before the competition (but he still came and watched his team mates!) 

The remaining three all got medals. We were very proud of them all.  Great to see a group of competitive kids working together and doing well. Here are some photos from the day. 

Jack with his Bronze medal.  
Bella with her Silver medal. 
The chaos on the sideline.. Coaches, competitors, officials.  This year the spectators had to remain in the seating area. This is to make sure that the sidelines are kept clear and are able to be managed.

More chaos on teh sideline.  Part of our support crew.