Saturday, 22 September 2018

Saturday at Big Judo - Reflections

Another nice Saturday at Big Judo. Its the end of the third term and a chance to reflect. 

We have recently had a group of little kids move up to the big kids class.  Its great to see the strategic plan is slowly taking shape.  Years ago we started with group of six-seven year olds and slowly but surely we have gone from little kids to bigger kids. We now have a couple of Green Belt kids and look at all the Orange Belts! A few years ago all we had was White Belts so it is enormously satisfying to see this progression. 

Even more important we have guys like Noah, Jacob, Geoff, Kyl, Trevor, Tony and Tracey who in the next year or two will move from Blue to Brown to Black who are all helping out with coaching.  My aim to become redundant is approaching! It also so important that we get our young competition players working with kids and coaching.  They are the future. 

Adults are growing in the same way. We started off with a gang of Dads.  Slowly over time we have brought young people through from the kids into the adults and attracted more senior players.  Now we have Green and Blue Belts who have come right through with Big Judo.  It  is very satisfying. 

We have also slowly qualifying or attracting good instructors. Nelly coming back on the mat as a coach has improved our standard of Judo enormously.  Tony finally completed his coaching qualification.  Todd joined us last year and is a Shodan with a Level 1 Coaching Qualification

By 2021 we will have a really good group of Blues, Browns and Blacks. Providing a good base for further growth. 

This is photo of Cherry (Chisato) who we will farewell soon.  It is sad to see her go. She is a lovely person and fights like a demon. She has been an example of courage and determination and raised our technical standards.  We will miss her terribly.  She is the second good female player that has come and trained with us. Pia from Germany was the first and she was awesome too. 

Big Judo is like a family and we are proud that Cherry and Pia both had a good time, were well looked after and will always be part of Big Judo. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Big Judo Visit Howick

On Monday night Big Judo took a crew over to Howick Judo Club for a visit.  We all had a great time. Howick is fifty years old and is a very well established Judo club. 

Most of the Big Judo team arrived at about 7pm and so trained with Howick's large class of young players.  Then  we trained with the adults from 8-9.30pm.

Inter-club visits used to be common and have dropped off in recent years. But Big Judo is keen to reverse that trend. You get better at Judo by doing Judo especially with the different people.

Even better,  its fun!  We all had a good time. Our young competition players had good workout against some strong opposition.

And the oldies got on the mat and shared their experience with younger (i.e. smaller )  players.

Ben from Big Judo squashes  a poor young cadet from Howick.  Actually he is teaching him about using Kosen style 'point control' position to dynamically control someone. 

Andd just so you know its not just Big Judo who brutalizes smaller people in the guise of learning here is Mike from Howick brutalizing a sweet young Japanese lady from Big Judo.

All joking aside.  Thanks heaps to Lawrie, Craig and Lester we all had a fantastic time and enjoyed their warmth, friendliness and good natured Judo.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Cool Old School Photo

Saw this photo on the web and it brought back a lot of memories.  It is a cool old photo from about twenty years ago. 

University Judo Club at a competition.  Not sure which because it was one of many. 

Nelly is in the bottom left with Rick (when he had black hair!)

Beside Nellie is Morgan Endicott-Davies. Ivor Endicott-Davies is an old mate of Rick's from Japan days. Morgan his son  trained with Rick at University for reasonable period of time probably a year (could be wrong) but it was fun. Morgan was a tough fighter. 

Beside Morgan is the ageless Mike Sethna,

In the back row are Craig Bartlett (who is a Howick man but still a good guy) me, Don Fairley and Andrew Pragnell. All looking younger. 

Good times. 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Big Weekend for Big Judo Howick Competition 2018

We had really good weekend at the annual Howick Judo Academy Competition.  The contest is in its 50th year and is organised by the Howick Judo Academy. This year it attracted over two hundred competitors. 

We had a good time and our people did really well. We had heaps on the mat and lots of noisy supporters too.

Check out the photos.

Genesta and Gregor.  Both did well.  Genesta blitzed her category with really good throws and won Gold. Gregor got Bronze.

Wiremu at the warm up.  The kids always have a great time at Howick.
Jakhongir with  his medal. 

Wiremu on the podium with his Bronze.
And again! With Silver this time!
Nathan on the podium with his Gold medal.

Nathan up close.  
Scott fought really well beating bigger boys and won Gold.

Ben and Nelly smiling surrounded by a group of awesome fighters!. The seniors did classy, technical Judo and beat stiff opposition to win well deserved medals.

And a quick thought, its about the most important thing we do at Big Judo.  We teach kids.

Most of our medal winners started Judo with us.  Here is a photo of our little kids class this Saturday. Scott is there helping out and we have a nice group of beginners who in a few years time will  be getting their photos taken with medals too.  Awesome.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Big Judo Auckland International Open 2018 Great Photo

Happy coach. Happy medalists. Shame they aren't all there but the photo was too good to waste. 

Monday, 30 July 2018

Big Judo Auckland International Open 2018

Another good day this time for our kids. Two entries two medals best part is that in total we sent six competitors and they all got medals. We also got lots of positive comments about the 11 people who showed up on Friday night to help set up the venue.  Many people commented on that and on the rapid improvement of of competitive players. It was a good weekend.

Scott fought very well and was second in his weight. Like yesterday the people that stopped us were often the French Polynesian players not Kiwis.  Really hopeful for the Nationals.  That flag is soooo 'unkKiwi' but we probably need one too!

Wiremu got a bronze in his weight silver in the open.  He just keep getting stronger.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Big Judo 2018 Auckland International Open

Pretty happy today.  We entered four adults in the Auckland International Open and all of them won medals. The Big Judo family is very proud of all of them.  

Noah Wallace Silver in the -81 Cadets. Awesome. 

Jacob Fry Bronze in ridiculously competitive Senior Mens - 66 kg  Jacob goes from strength to strength.

And Cherry won her weight in the Junior Womens and got the Silver in the Senior Womens. She fought really well. 

Kyle won the Master Super Heavyweight Category. Its great to see him back on the mat.