Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Big Judo Success at National - Only Part of the Story

Big Judo took eleven people to the Nationals this year, Seven children and four teenagers.   The eleven competitors won:
  • Three  Gold Medals (Noah Walliss, Bella Bianco and Tommy Willson)
  • One Silver Medal (Noah Wallis)
  • Two Bronze Medals (Jack Leslie and Noah Walliss)

Just as importantly the people that did not get medals all did really well too. Most won fights and some were very close to medalling (i.e. two lost their Bronze Medal fight) and all were young for their age groups and have another chance next year.

Over all it was a fantastic day and the coaches are proud as punch. 
Tommy with his Gold medal.

Noah on the podium getting his Gold for the Junior Mens Under 81kg. 
Jack with his Bronze. 

Success at the Nationals is only part of the story. The real story is the commitment of everybody that makes our training special. Whether it is the people that turn up just because they enjoy Judo, or the parents that come and support or the coaches that are there week in week out we all have a part to play in making Big Judo successful.

The Pukekohe crew on the mat the Tuesday after Nationals.  We put the mats down each night and the dojo is a school hall but everybody turns up has fun and learns good Judo.  This group of kids has won a fair few medals and one of them is now national champion. 

So Thanks to everybody for all your support.  Whether you fought, brought a child down to Rotorua or even if just turn up to training regularly you are making a difference and contributing not just to winning medals but to developing brave, confident and successful people. 

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Big Noah Medals in Queensland International Open

Another good shot of Noah on podium in Australia.  Well done mate! We are all proud of you.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Last Day of a Big Judo Term

A nice busy kids randori session to finish the third term.  Nelly down the end watching the crew in action.  We have number of kids getting ready for the nationals and these types of session are great for building up their stamina and strength.

And at the other end of the spectrum me and another retired black belt working with the little kids. 
Lots of the kids in the photo above looked like this when they started!

 And last but not least a photo of Nelly watching some ne waza (ground fighting).  Cool seeing her looking after the kids and teaching them about ground work (even if a few have a long way to go)

Over all a great term! See you all in two weeks.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

News from Woollongong

Nice photo of Noah on the podium in Australia. Makes us proud/

Monday, 9 September 2019

North Island Champs 2019

We had three people fight at the 2019 North Island Championships. Scott, Wiremu and Jack all of them fought well but are the bottom of their age categories so we did not manage any medals. But winning is not the most important thing. What is important is that they are enjoying their Judo.  Loved this photo,

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Big Judo Female Fight Night

We have been talking about hosting a Friday night, female randori night for a little while and finally we are ready to go.

Details are:

o   Date: Friday 9 August
o   Location Big Judo Dojo, St Martins Church Hall, Corner of Sandringham and Mt Albert Roads
o   Time: 7  pm

In summary:

·         Nellie will run the session. Nellie has been doing Judo for more than thirty years and in her prime was one of our top Judo players. Competing at the Commonwealth Games. She also lived and trained in Europe placing in European competitions.  She is also very well respected in the BJJ and MMA community having won many competitions in these disciplines on top of her Judo success.

·         She is tough and committed to developing women’s Judo i.e. it will be a safe, supervised, social environment and there will be no bad or unsafe behaviour.

·        Nellie knows how tough it is for women and girls to keep up their Judo. With a small pool of people too often females are small minority in a club and either have to train with men or the same females all the time. 

·        So we wanted to provide an opportunity for a fun, safe randori session. We aren’t going to teach technique (that’s up to coaches) but we do want to provide an opportunity for females (of all ages) to get together and do Judo.

·       The aims are:

o   Network i.e. meet other women doing Judo
o   Practice with women
o   Have fun

Be great to see you there. 

Big Judo Term Three

Term 3 has started and numbers are good.  Across the team we are moving kids 'up'. The teenagers starting to train more with the adults and kids moving from the beginners to the advanced class. 

The beginners class.  

The advanced kids class

Combined with a successful run in Tauranga in which we took 15 kids and won 11 medals including four golds we think Term Three will be a good term at Big Judo.