Sunday 26 February 2023

Lots of Big Judo Training this Week


It was a busy week in Pukekohe, Nellie coming down to help coaching teenagers on Saturday.  Along with two old friends Todd and Kay who were also there teaching and helping out.  

And; on Wednesday, Ben was down in Pukekawa helping Tracey out with her classes. 

A satisfying week, because it is by only teaching kids that we develop top competitive players and the next generation of coaches. It is also how we build Judo's recognition in the community. Not every kid will become a top competitor or a coach but many will form a life-long positive perception of Judo.

So even though teaching might not glamorous work it is important, satisfying and helps promote the martial art that we all love. 

Saturday 18 February 2023

Big Judo 2023 - Saturday Morning Training


Big Judo is back up and running for 2023 and trains at 9am on Saturday mornings.  A benefit of training in a school hall is that we can lay out a large mat area and train hard.  

We also have five black belt instructors; including two retired female internationals and a strong group of teenagers so if you are in Auckland or the Waikato please feel free to stop by and say Hi.