Saturday 14 August 2021

Big Judo Saturday Sessions


When Big Judo started the only time we could train was Saturdays. Over time we added Tuesday and Thursday nights but our Saturday session is the longest running class. 

In recent months, it is becoming a good practice. Last week we had 17 adults (Cadets up) on the mat,  the week before we had 19 so the class is getting the number to provide a good opportunity for our players to work and develop their skills.

We are all pleased with the progress that our Judoka are making. 

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Auckland International Open


Its been a little while work has got in the way of Judo, but the highlight of July was the Auckland International Open. 

We got a great photo of Noah hard at work winning both the Junior Mens - 100 Kg and Senior Mens - 90kg categories.  Noah's performance was fantastic and we are all very proud. 

This competition was also important for the club because following behind Noah we had a string of younger medalists in the Cadets, Senior Boys and Girls and Junior Boys. 

Big Judo, had a big turnout, and a big day winning lots of medals and having a great time.  It is our first big outing since the 2020 COVID lockdowns. Check out the team below. Everybody was excited and proud of the work done on the mat by our competitive players.

Big Judo also looked awesome thanks to sponsorship from Ward Demolition.  Thanks heaps Ward  we really appreciate the support!