Saturday 10 May 2014

Big Judo Back to Work in City

Big Judo's city kids started work again this week. We are now in our new venue in St Martin's Church at the corner of Sandringham and Taumata Road.  We have a nice big mat area and plenty of space. It is a great venue.

Jordan, Geoff and Ben moved the mats over the holidays and even Sensai - Rick Littlewood came down and helped out.

Here is a picture of Jordan gluing non-slip onto the mats.  Rick is the older gentleman holding the paint brush. Rick taught Jordan's Dad, Ben and Jordan their Judo and it was great that he came down.

Another photo of Rick and his dog. Nothing to do with Judo I just like the fact that Rick has a funny little dog. 

Beginners Class 1-2pm

The one o'clock beginners class went well. We had a good turnout and the class was a nice opportunity to get used to the new venue. We are really pleased with the size of the new venue and with how light and airy it is. And there is even plenty of space for parents. 

Junior Class 2-3pm

The junior class also went well. We had plenty of kids and worked hard getting them ready for the competition in June.

Ben and Jordan demonstrating and discussing technique. 

Kids lined up ready to fight.

And they're off.  We teach Kosen Judo and place a big emphasis on ground fighting.  Rick trained for nearly a decade in Kyoto during the 1960s and he trained his students in this distinctive style of Judo. Ben and Jordan are proud to carry on this tradition.

Another key aspect of the Kosen style is transitioning from standing to ground fighting or vice-versa.

Even at this age we work hard to teach the kids how to follow through from a standing position against someone that is on the ground.

In this drill a standing player races to turnover and hold down a player on all fours. This simulates a situation in which a throw or take-down has failed but one person has fallen on their hands and knees.

Tough place to be but the person standing needs to be quick to capitalise on the advantage and the person on  the ground needs to learn get out of this position. 

In the first photo we were working from the rear of the 'disadvantaged'  player. In this drill we work the other way i.e. over the prone player's head and shoulders.

Drilling transitions like this has worked very well for our kids in competition.

Friday 9 May 2014

Second Term Kicks Off in Pukekohe

Judo started for the second term in Pukekohe this week. This week has been awesome.  We are all very happy to see the kids back on the mat and re-structuring our classes is working well.

 In Pukekohe we now have four classes with three levels of ability. Starting with beginners building up to the kids that are starting to compete. Check out these cool photo!

Little Kids and Beginners

From 5.15 to 6pm on Tuesday  Tracey takes a little class for beginners and the smaller kids.  She teaches the basic and the small class size lets her work really closely with the kids,

Bigger Kids

On Tuesdays and Fridays at 6pm we run classes for the bigger more experienced kids.Tracey and Ben share the instruction. On Friday's at 7pm we run a competition class for the kids that are going into competition.

A nice group of well-behaved kids learning Judo. 

Big Judo is a Kosen Judo School so we always start with ground fighting and put a strong emphasis on this aspect of grappling. Here are the kids lined up ready to go.

Into it!

A great sight heaps of kids enjoying themselves doing Judo.

Wouldn't be Judo though if we didn't practice getting the other guy (or girl)  down on the ground.