Friday 9 May 2014

Second Term Kicks Off in Pukekohe

Judo started for the second term in Pukekohe this week. This week has been awesome.  We are all very happy to see the kids back on the mat and re-structuring our classes is working well.

 In Pukekohe we now have four classes with three levels of ability. Starting with beginners building up to the kids that are starting to compete. Check out these cool photo!

Little Kids and Beginners

From 5.15 to 6pm on Tuesday  Tracey takes a little class for beginners and the smaller kids.  She teaches the basic and the small class size lets her work really closely with the kids,

Bigger Kids

On Tuesdays and Fridays at 6pm we run classes for the bigger more experienced kids.Tracey and Ben share the instruction. On Friday's at 7pm we run a competition class for the kids that are going into competition.

A nice group of well-behaved kids learning Judo. 

Big Judo is a Kosen Judo School so we always start with ground fighting and put a strong emphasis on this aspect of grappling. Here are the kids lined up ready to go.

Into it!

A great sight heaps of kids enjoying themselves doing Judo.

Wouldn't be Judo though if we didn't practice getting the other guy (or girl)  down on the ground.