Judo for Rugby - Big Impact

Judo for rugby is recognised as an effective cross training option that improves strength, fitness and physical skills of rugby players.  Judo training is also great because it produces effective results with low  risk of injury.

Big Judo's - Big Impact -Judo for Rugby programme offers rugby team's an effective and interesting cross training option because:
  • We have Judo instructors who have played rugby and rugby league and really understand the types of skills that will transfer between the sports;
  • We have training facilities that are safe and allow an intensive level of training; 
  • We have experience developing physical skills instruction programmes and can work with your team to design a programme that will get results. 
If you want exciting, dynamic and effective cross training for your rugby team give Ben a call on 09 238 1215 or email him on ben@benstallworthy.com.

This is a photo us with the Kings College First XV in 2014. Ben is hidden away in the middle and Tracey is at the side.