Monday 29 July 2013

Big Judo - Big Kids Class

Judo photos of the big kid's class training on a recent Saturday. 

Big Judo teaches Kosen Judo so we always start training with some ground grappling. 
 A good example of a ground hold called kesa gatame.
We used to give the kids a chocolate fish when they used this hold in wrestling matches but now they are getting too good and the instructors were getting too poor buying chocolate fish.  

Practising throwing techniques. 
Teaching in the Kosen tradition we start with lots of ground grappling then teach throwing and we find that this is a good way to teach kids the gross motor skills used in throwing techniques.

Big Judo maintains a disciplined teaching environment.

But there is always an opportunity for the Dads (and the odd Mum) to come on at the end of the class and have a wrestle.

Auckland International Open

Big Judo recommends taking a trip out to the Northshore Events Centre next weekend for the Auckland International Open.

This tournament is one of the biggest in New Zealand and attracts players from all over New Zealand,  Australia and the Pacific.  In recent years it has attracted 300-350 players.

It is one of the few tournaments in Australasia that is 'points rated' i.e. points from fighting in it can contribute to a slot on Olympic, World Championship or Commonwealth Teams.  Therefore if you go you are likely to see some pretty good Judo.

The Senior (adult) competition is on Saturday 3 August 2013 and the best fighting will be in the morning.

Juniors (children) are on Sunday 4 August 2013. 

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Big Judo at Auckland Police

The team at Big Judo is helping out with getting Judo re-established in the Police up in Auckland. 

We are running a regular beginners class at 10am every Monday morning at the Auckland Central Police Station. 

The class is great fun and any Big Judo member or parent is welcome to ask to come along providing they aren't 'known' to Police. 

If you would like to train with us here then call either
  • Ben on 021 688 289; or
  • Jordan on 021 269 0233

Friday 5 July 2013

Neat Little O-Soto-Gari Video

We quite enjoyed this compilation. It shows a nice cross section of different O Soto Gari's.

Check out the old school self-defence version!   

Thursday 4 July 2013

John Danaher - Kiwi Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Star

John Danaher is a Kiwi that the team at Big Judo dig. John is not only a Brazillian Jiu-Jistu god in the United Stateds he is also a philosopher trained at the University of Auckland.

I found this cool link that gives you more information about John

I was 'stoked' when I saw this link becuase I remember John when he was a tutor at the University of Auckland Philosophy School in the early 1990s.

Later, in the early 2000s, I was lucky enough to roll a couple of times with John while he was back in New Zealand (he was a blue or purple belt) training with another well respected martial artist Chris Easley.  I'm pretty sure Mike Sethna trained with him as well.

I'm sure John doesn't remember me. But I remeber him well he was a cool guy then and it looks like he's only got cooler. 

Philosopher, martial artist, academic, tough guy - You don't get many people like John and its great to see him recognised in this way. 

If Big Judo can produce a couple of warrior/philosophers of John's calibre I'll die a happy man. 

Monday 1 July 2013

Big Judo for Little People - New Beginners

Saturday's Beginners Class was great fun,  The kids are really doing well and Ben and Jordan are both having a good time teaching basic skills. 

The class runs from 1-2 on Saturday afternoon and leads into a more advanced class that runs from 2-3. 

Next week we'll get some better photos of the kids playing Judo. If you are interested in training either come down and watch a session or give Ben a call on 021 688 289.

The kids warming up

We always start and finish the class with the kids kneeling and bowing.