Monday 29 July 2013

Big Judo - Big Kids Class

Judo photos of the big kid's class training on a recent Saturday. 

Big Judo teaches Kosen Judo so we always start training with some ground grappling. 
 A good example of a ground hold called kesa gatame.
We used to give the kids a chocolate fish when they used this hold in wrestling matches but now they are getting too good and the instructors were getting too poor buying chocolate fish.  

Practising throwing techniques. 
Teaching in the Kosen tradition we start with lots of ground grappling then teach throwing and we find that this is a good way to teach kids the gross motor skills used in throwing techniques.

Big Judo maintains a disciplined teaching environment.

But there is always an opportunity for the Dads (and the odd Mum) to come on at the end of the class and have a wrestle.