Monday 22 August 2016

Big Judo on Tour Plus An Old Friend

A great picture of our man Tony in Fiji. Tony had a great time in Fiji and said the locals looked after him really well.  Big thanks from Big Judo to our Fijian friends for looking after our man.

Reciprocity is a key part of Judo. My experience has been that anywhere in the world you go you will find Judo and the local Judoka will host you well.

Looking after fellow travelers is important. Getting good at Judo means always training with new people. If all Judoka look after each other it makes us all better,

 It's a part of being in the 'Judo club'.

With about 40 million Judo players around the world its a big club.

Finally, some of the University 'prodigal sons' will remember Casino on the left of the photo.  A good Judo player and friend of our crew. He disappeared to the South Island years ago. But he's now up in Fiji. Great to see him again.  Keep in touch mate.

Thursday 18 August 2016

Big Judo Big Boys Howick Success

Big Judo adults did well at Howick. Jordan and Henry showed why they are Black Belts.  Noah, Johan and Jacob fought very well beating higher graded players,  Awesome to see the 'Big' boys having a tussle. Winning is just icing on the cake!

Monday 15 August 2016

Big Judo Howick Fun Day

A good day on Sunday at the Howick Fun Day.  We had lots of kids and adults fighting. Some key highlights were:
  • Big Judo took a huge team 33 fighters

  • Big Judo had seven girls fighting, this is wonderful because it is very difficult attracting girls and keeping them in Judo. A  group of girls fighting in a reasonably sized 'Girls'  division was neat.  

  • At Big Judo a key value we promote is bravery.  A number of our older kids have gone up ages grades recently and have improved in leaps and bounds because they have; been brave. They have learned from their loses and are now starting to win in their age categories - Well done.

  •  We had lots of brand new fighters on the mat. It is fantastic for us coaches to see our people getting out there are giving it a go.  Not everyone wins a medal but everyone learns from testing themselves.

  •  Finally it was neat seeing our adults well represented. We had some newbies on the mat who did extremely well and Jordan and Henry both had a good time. It was nice to see them on the mat enjoying themselves and doing good Judo.
It was a really good weekend. Thanks heaps those who came we really appreciate the effort you made!

Monday 1 August 2016

Big Days for Big Judo at the Auckland International Open

We had a big couple of days at the Auckland International Open.  This is New Zealand's biggest competition with:

  • Three competition mats in operation all day for two days;
  • 360 entries; from
  • 11 countries.
It was a weekend for Judo about as good as you will get in New Zealand.

Big Judo took nine competitors to the competition. Eight kids and one adult. Our adult Kyle Leggot demolished the Senior Men's + 100 kg Category, two of our kids won their divisions and everybody wo went learnt a lot about Judo.   

But I was also really happy that we had lots of volunteers helping out (about a dozen people) .  At Big Judo we are proud to be a leader in the Judo community, One of the ways we do this is by being willing and able to 'step up' and support events.

Good work and Thanks Heaps