Monday 22 August 2016

Big Judo on Tour Plus An Old Friend

A great picture of our man Tony in Fiji. Tony had a great time in Fiji and said the locals looked after him really well.  Big thanks from Big Judo to our Fijian friends for looking after our man.

Reciprocity is a key part of Judo. My experience has been that anywhere in the world you go you will find Judo and the local Judoka will host you well.

Looking after fellow travelers is important. Getting good at Judo means always training with new people. If all Judoka look after each other it makes us all better,

 It's a part of being in the 'Judo club'.

With about 40 million Judo players around the world its a big club.

Finally, some of the University 'prodigal sons' will remember Casino on the left of the photo.  A good Judo player and friend of our crew. He disappeared to the South Island years ago. But he's now up in Fiji. Great to see him again.  Keep in touch mate.