Sunday 31 May 2015

Big Kids in Town

Oops in the last post we forgot a picture of the big kids. Nice to see three adults on the mat with them too. Thanks guys. One of the awesome things about Saturday afternoons is that a lot of Judo playing Dads come down early, help out with the big kids then stay around for the adults class.  Family Judo - Awesome.

Saturday 30 May 2015

Big Judo Gets Bigger

About a month ago we started our 3 pm Saturday adults class.  The class is going well and we are getting a nice regular 10-12 players on the mat.  We all have a great time there is a nice selection of broken down old farts, Dads keen to do Judo with their kids and guys from the Police Club.

We do some technical work, have a low impact wrestle then adjourn to a nearby bar for a few lemonades and a discussion about how great we all used to be.  

Seriously it is great fun and if you are interested in learning about Judo stop by sometime.

And just in case you thought we might have forgotten about the kids here is a photo of our beginners class. 

We also have the advanced kids but I didn't get a photo this week.  They are getting good and the oldest kids are now 12-13 and in a year or so having a few adults around will be a requirement for their future development. So we are very pleased with progress.

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Pukekohe Kids Tuesday Night Class

A nice shot of the kids on Tuesday night. Pukekohe classes are going well and we even had a new Orange Belt have a look at joining up this week,

Friday 1 May 2015

Kids at Pukekohe

Tracey and Geoff teaching the Beginners class tonight at Pukekohe. It was a nice night and on Tuesday we had 19 kids on the mat a nice start to the term.