Monday 15 August 2016

Big Judo Howick Fun Day

A good day on Sunday at the Howick Fun Day.  We had lots of kids and adults fighting. Some key highlights were:
  • Big Judo took a huge team 33 fighters

  • Big Judo had seven girls fighting, this is wonderful because it is very difficult attracting girls and keeping them in Judo. A  group of girls fighting in a reasonably sized 'Girls'  division was neat.  

  • At Big Judo a key value we promote is bravery.  A number of our older kids have gone up ages grades recently and have improved in leaps and bounds because they have; been brave. They have learned from their loses and are now starting to win in their age categories - Well done.

  •  We had lots of brand new fighters on the mat. It is fantastic for us coaches to see our people getting out there are giving it a go.  Not everyone wins a medal but everyone learns from testing themselves.

  •  Finally it was neat seeing our adults well represented. We had some newbies on the mat who did extremely well and Jordan and Henry both had a good time. It was nice to see them on the mat enjoying themselves and doing good Judo.
It was a really good weekend. Thanks heaps those who came we really appreciate the effort you made!