Saturday 16 December 2023

Another Awesome Catch Up - Noah Wallis is Back in Town

It was awesome to see Noah again, after years overseas and competing at the World Champs he came out and visited the team in Pukekohe and Pukekawa.  He trained with the kids, shared his experiences and demonstrated some technique. 

Most importantly he was there!  An international player taking the time to do randori and let them know that  once he was just like them, a kid doing Judo. 

Noah is now travelling and doing Judo with the best Judoka in the world, but his visit is a reminder for our young Judoka that every journey starts with a step. 

My favorite photo is this one.  Noah helping to put the mats away.  Demonstrating his humility and willingness to help, even with the boring bits.  A really good example for our young Judoka. 

It was awesome! Thanks Noah.