Saturday 17 August 2013

Big Judo Pukekohe Keeps Growing

Big Judo's new Pukekohe branch keeps growing.  We started in Pukekohe on 3 August and the class is going really well:

  1. 3 September: We had 12 kids and four Seniors;
  2. 9 August: We had 15 kids and six Seniors; and
  3. 16 August: We had 18 kids and six Seniors.
Pretty soon we will have to start consolidating the classes.  We will probably be looking at a couple of different classes i.e:

  1. A little kids class;
  2. One or two bigger kids classes: and
  3. Two senior classes. 
We love teaching Judo and are really excited about getting such a fantasitic response. Thanks heaps to all the people that have supported us so far.