Thursday 29 August 2013

Big Judo History

Nice photo.  On the left is Daniel Gowing and on the right is Ben.  Ben, Daniel and Aaron Page are the last survivors of University Judo Club's early 80s young men's squad.  Who have all been 'on the mat' for more than thirty years now.

Daniel was an outstanding contest player.  He went to two Olympics and at one point he was seeded 9th in the world in the Men's Heavyweight division (Under 100kg).  In Big Judo's opinion he is one of New Zealand's top half dozen Judoka.  Lots of Judo players get to international level by being good at stand up fighting. Some get there on the strength of their ground game only a few are excellent at both. Daniel was one of those.
Ben fought in the same weight division as Daniel so 'learnt' a lot of his Judo from being beaten by Daniel.

Daniel is an engineer and has been working in England building wind turbines. He recently came back to New Zealand and this photo was taken when he visited University Judo Club.  It was great to see him again.