Wednesday 23 August 2023

Big Judo Back in the City!

After a brief break, Big Judo is back up and running in the city and trained together on Tuesday.  It was fantastic to see our Big Judo crew back together again.  

Nellie visited and it was awesome for her to see how people that she had taught as kids were growing up; and to catch up again with old friends.  

New Zealand Technical Director Zane Lightfoot also visited and taught some technique; and had a roll with the team.  It was bloody good night and everybody enjoyed it. 

Expect to see more from the City Team, their new dojo is nice and alongside Tony and Scott, Nellie and I will be training there regularly.  

Its fantastic to see the team on the mat and enjoying themselves! 

Zane Lightfoot demonstrating Judo techniques. Zane is the National Technical Director.