Saturday 17 April 2021

Big Success at Wellington Open


Scott and Noah with their medals.

Wiremu with his Bronze.

Wiremu with his Silver.

Noah with Senior Men's Gold.

Noah with Junior Men's Gold. 

In our first foray back into competitive Judo since COVID impacted, Big Judo sent three people to the Wellington Open.  All of them medaled.

  • Scott took Bronze in the Cadet Mens Open.
  • Noah won the Junior and Senior Men's - 90 and his only Junior Men's loss was to Keightly Watson in the Open. He also got  Bronze in the Senior Men's Open. Another awesome performance!
  • In the Senior Boys  Wiremu got Silver in the - 60 kg division and Bronze in the Open.

At Big Judo we are all really proud of the team, they are the 'point of the spear' and all did very well. It is awesome to have such good committed young people in the club their performance this weekend is awesome and a real inspiration to the people following behind. 

Scott and Noah on the mat inspiring the next generation. 

From Tracey's crew in Pukekawa, to Geoff, Todd and Matt in Pukekohe and to Nelly, Tony and Don in Sandringham everybody in Big Judo is working hard to keep a good group of Judoka moving through behind our competitive players and their victories make all the hard work worthwhile for the team. 

Tracey looking after business in Pukekawa

Geoff with some of the Pukekohe kids. 

Nellly in action in Sandringham

We look forward to taking a bigger team down to the Waikato Bay of Plenty Open in June,  I'm sure Noah, Scott and Wiremu will be leading the way again. It makes an old Judoka like me really happy.  Well done guys!

Me looking really happy.