Saturday 6 October 2018

Big Visitor = Big Fun

This week was a big week at Big Judo,.  Keightley Watson came to visit. Keightley is a big young New Zealand Judo player weighing in about 150 kg and with nice technique that he has recently been honing in the Netherlands it was fantastic to host him.  He is on his way to the Junior World's in the Bahamas. 

So Big Judo rolled out a crew of our big boys (even I had a wrestle with him and Sam Rosser came down too) and we all had good time.  

Keightley is a great young guy he trained hard, didn't beat me and the other oldies up too much and we all had good time. It was also nice to discuss Judo with him and see a few of the techniques he has picked up in Europe. 

After the Saturday session.  

After Thursday night training.

Made sure I got this photo so that I could give you an idea of the size of good heavyweights. I am in the centre with the black t-shirt and Keightley is on the left and Sam Rosser who represented New Zealand at the Commonwelath Games is on the right in blue.  The other guy is Don ''Man of War' Fairley 58 and still going hard,

The best thing about hosting Keightley was that he was such a nice guy. Judo's not just about beating people up and winning its about relationships. Talking to him I thought a lot about Wanganui Judo Club, his Uncle Wayne and my mate Shaun Walton. Great guys and hopefully, this will be the first of many visits between Big Judo and Wanganui Judo Club and that those relationships will continue into the next generation.