Saturday 30 June 2018

The Apprentice Becomes the Master

A couple of weeks ago we published the picture of two boys mopping the mat and discussed how martial arts can teach us about life. At every stage in life you inevitably start at the bottom and it takes persistence and patience to move to the next step.

Its also a matter of time.

With a new junior person in the club the two guys mopping the mat in our last photo transition and become the 'seniors' teaching and supervising our new 'player' as he performs his apprenticeship.

One day (with luck and persistence) instead of teaching their juniors how to mop the mat, the two guys on the left will be teaching their juniors technique.

And that is why we teach Judo because these kids aren't just learning to defend themselves, or to compete well or to be confident they are also learning about life. That the best things don't come easy, that there is no shame in humility and that a good teacher serves before they teach.