Tuesday 19 June 2018

Big Fun at Big Judo

Some photos from recent weeks at Big Judo.  Since getting the mats down we have been having a great time. So thought we would share some photos for fun. 

A Saturday kids class fighting on the ground.  We do heaps of ne waza (ground fighting). Love it.  Kids love it too. The other cool thing is that so many of the adult class have started coming down to help out.  We try to encourage that family mentality  If you are part of Big Judo then we expect you to 'grow' by helping the people behind you 

A cool photo of two cool kids with their medals.  Noah's huge. Cherry is tiny but both of them are a big part of the Big Judo family.  Both wear our colours in competition and both come early and help with the kids classes.  Real role models. 

A photo of the kids about to start tachi waza (stand up fighting). Just so you know that we are a Judo club!