Saturday 5 December 2015

Big Judo Big Visit to University Judo Club

 Big Judo Kids from both Central and Pukekohe held a training session at the University Judo in Epsom.  A nice class.  We did lots of Judo practice and finished with 'Batsugan'(informal) competition.

It was also a good chance for Ben and Jordan to catch up with Rick.  The 'dungeon', University Judo Club's dojo in Epsom, is where both Ben and Jordan learnt their Judo. Jordan's Dad also learnt Judo with Rick,

Everybody really enjoyed watching the kids because as well as being a great fun day it also let the kids see where our club's style of Judo started, learn  about their legacy and demonstrated that we are working to bring a new generation of Judoka onto the mat.