Sunday 29 November 2015

Another Big Saturday for Big Judo

This Saturday was really good day - the two kids classes were big and not to rowdy.  Nellie turned up again and enjoyed helping coach for three classes!

Pia from Germany had a great time with the kids teaching them good German technique. '

And I finally got a photo of Pia.   Here she is Pia Elisabeth Jahn from Jenna in Germany.  A great addition to our team helping us out not just with the kids but also with the adults. 

Then we a had a good strong adults class.  This class just keeps growing, We also had some women on the mat including a visitor from Tukaha BJJ, a big well respected BJJ club.  We know Pedro, Mike and Jonathan (instructors at Tukaha BJJ) from the olden days and really appreciated that one of their students has come to visit.

With Tracey, Nellie and Pia we have really good female instructors on the mat which is a huge bonus.

At Big Judo we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and safe training venue so are really pleased that as well as our gang of broken down old men and young kids we are starting to attract a nice group of women keen to learn Judo,

Great work team.