Friday 16 June 2023

Good Turnout for Training Day at Big Judo

Big Judo hosted a training day at our Pukekohe dojo on Saturday.  The focus was randori and we did two and a half hours of newaza and tachiwaza randori.  It was great and almost all of the coaches that attended joined in.  

At the halfway point Brendon Crookes and Tim Slyfield, both Olympians demonstrated technique and spoke about their experiences. Then we got back into randori, providing the young Judoka that came an opportunity for an extended randori session with lots of different people.    

We started with ne waza randori. 

Then Tim and Brendon did some teaching.


But not too much before we did more randori. It was neat to see Tim and Brendon working with the youngsters. By doing randori with them the young Judo players get to 'feel' how good Judo feels and learn through experience.

In summary it was really good day that provided a good opportunity for young Judoka to learn from some top international players and then practice their skills in a relaxed, fun environment. 

Thanks to Tim and Brendon for helping out.  Thanks to the other instructors that came over and helped out and most importantly thanks heaps to the parents that brought their children to training.