Tuesday 25 October 2022

Big Judo Update


Its been a little while since we posted.  In the last year, Big Judo has re-structured because our lease at St Martin's in Sandringham was terminated. During this time our focus has been on that activity.

The crew at Sandringham merged with 3 Kings Judo and together created a strong club with lots of kids and adults on the mat. It is good win for Judo because instead of shutting down a club we worked together to keep a large group of Judoka 'on the mat'.

It also means that Big Judo in Pukekohe is getting more attention and we are growing the club in the south. Tracey's kids in Pukekawa are strong and as well as kids there is a nice group of adults in Pukekohe.  By early next year, we aim to start entering people in competitions and rebuilding a Big Judo competitive presence.