Saturday 7 November 2020

Big Judo Getting Back to Work After Second Lockdown

 Since New Zealand's second COVID 19 'lock down' Big Judo has been concentrating on building up numbers and getting the team back on deck.  It looks like we are starting to get some traction. 

Today, Noah Wallis won the Junior Men's and Senior Men's Under 90kg divisions at the Auckland Champs.  Although our focus at the moment is getting numbers on the mat and providing good basic training we are very proud of Noah.  

Noah is an awesome young man. Not only has he maintained his fitness and competitive spirit he also gives back helping out with the kids and being a real stalwart of Big Judo. Well done Noah.   

The Saturday kids class was nice and big and we have good selection of new and returning players. Even without some of our regulars we still got a good turnout. Its also great to see the Dads and Cadets in the background helping with the class.  We work hard to provide an inclusive training environment and encourage our young people to be more than just competitors.

Even better we have been getting good adult turnouts on Saturdays and Tuesdays.  Here is Nelly in action teaching the Seniors.