Saturday 14 March 2020

Another Big Week at Big Judo

We had another awesome session this Saturday at Big Judo. Katsuyoshi Saegusa turned up again and taught more technique. 

Yoshi was an accomplished competitor in Japan before emigrating to New Zealand. 

 He has superb tachi-waza (stand up technique) so it is wonderful to have him come over and visit.  

We had a nice turn out. Including Noah who is back from Australia at the moment.  

We were also lucky to have a translator there.  Although Yoshi has good English its great to have some of the technical concepts translated and interpreted by Dave (who knows a little bit about Japanese Judo),   

Learn by doing!

We also did plenty of ground fighting though!

My favourite photo of the day. Two Judo 'men of war' still going strong and helping teach the next generation. I first met these two guys when I was a teenager and 30 years later its great to still be on the mat with Donald and Yoshi.  Learnt heaps about Judo from both of them.