Saturday 8 June 2019

Big Judo - Our Aim More People Doing Judo

Big Judo Sandringham recently ran it's first promotional activity. Normally, 'word of mouth' keeps our number reasonably high.  But now that we have a better dojo and a growing pool of instructors we felt it was time to cast the net wider and try to grow a bit.

The promotion was a 'Bring a Friend Day".  I ran the kids session and Nelly ran the adults. 

Ben talking to the kids doing safety briefs and discussing the dojo's rules and protocols
And here is Nelly doing the same with the grown-ups and teenagers.  

Two of our teenagers helping out demonstrating. Awesome to have them helping out.  

And more of our awesome teenagers helping out. 'Service' is one of Big Judo's three values and it is very satisfying to see our young Judoka helping out, 

Three photos of me and Nelly busy running things.  It is fantastic to be working with my sister introducing more people to Judo,

Teaching ne-waza (ground grappling) skills because big or small we are going to let you have a wrestle. 

Adults playing balance games.  

What it is all about.  More children on  the mat doing Judo,