Saturday 26 May 2018

Big Judo's Japanese Visitor

A nice photo of our latest visitor - Chisato.  We have been lucky because we get a few long-term visitors particularly women.  It is probably because we have Nellie who is a very good female coach. 

Not so long ago we had Pia from Germany and now we have Chisato from Japan.  Both were competitive Black Belts with really nice technique and have improved our Judoka's performance.

Visitors lift our game because in many countries Judo is a much stronger sport. Also they often have different styles of Judo, exposure to which, improves our Judo.  Finally, it is really good for Big Judo's young women to meet strong female players so they know that there is a pathway for them in the sport.

Both Pia and Chisato have helped out with training and we really appreciate having them as part of the Big Judo family.