Saturday 16 December 2017

Big Judo End of Year Technical Workshop

This weekend we had our first Big Judo technical workshop.  It was a big step. We now have a number of Orange Belts and the objective of this workshop was to bring them up to speed on both our curriculum and on the National Syllabus. This means that we have both consistency with the National Syllabus so that when they look at senior gradings they have a good knowledge base. More importantly it allows the adults and kids from our two dojos to come together and benchmark their skills.  

Hard day though. Four hours on the hottest day this year. Only four were graded. Very well done to everybody that attended though, 

Discussing technique.

The crew lined up for the debrief at the end.

Ben and Nellie hot and tired at the end. 
Being an instructor can be pretty lonely at times especially when you are evaluating gratdings.