Saturday 11 February 2017

Big Judo Back 2017

Back into Judo again. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year holiday,

Big Judo had our first full week of Judo and can report the following:

  • All our classes have been well attended. Awesome - its great to start the year this way. 
  • We have re-structured a our kids classes in town moving our teenagers up to train with the adults and bringing little kids into the big kids classes. 
  • This year we will be a bit more active competitionwise. Some of the kids are big enough to compete a bit more often and we have a small group of adults keen to compete. This week I sent a list of New Zealand competitions out to the coaches and senior players so we can start planning.
  • Kyle has been selected for the Oceania Championships and is down at National Training Camp this weekend.

  • Daniel Gowing is keen to help out and will be working with Kyle to help him build up. 
We will also be looking at how we improve and get better at coaching kids and social adults,  Without these groups our club would not be anywhere near as good. 

So see you all soon.