Thursday 13 October 2016

Big Judo Bodyguard

When you need a bodyguard go looking for a big Judo player!

Kim Kardashian and her bodyguard Pascal Duvier have been all over the news lately.

Duvier is an interesting guy.  At 190cm and about 133kgs he's a pretty big guy. A big guy that's been doing Judo for 35 years.

I often say that one of the great things about Judo is that opens up opportunities for interesting life experiences. Judo people being doormen and bodyguards isn't unusual.  After all Judo works and is widely recognized as a past-time that builds strong confident people.  And I bet Duvier has a pretty interesting life!

But the really interesting thing is Duvier has a mathematics degree from Heideburg University.  He might be big and certainly ain't the kind of guy to mess with but I bet you weren't expecting him to be educated as well.

Maybe I'm not lying when I tell the the kids that only smart people are successful at Judo!