Sunday 16 August 2015

Big Judo Rock and Rollers! Howick 15 August 2015

The big blue judo machine was in action this weekend!  We took nearly 40 kids and adults to Howick's club contest and team did a fantastic job.  We won medals  (will get a list ASAP) but most importantly the kids and adults fought well demonstrating real grit and determination. 

We also had a huge support crew there with lots of parents, coaches and other supporters on the sidelines cheering the team on - Thanks heaps.

As more photos come through I'll keep posting them. 

Jamie in action. Bigger, older higher graded opponent but the Jamie kept the pressure on and on and won the fight awesome. 
The end result - victory

What we love to see! The Big Judo trifecta.  
We even had some 'silverbacks' on the mat enjoying the day.

Another good victory. Noah in control and winning with the ground hold.

How could I resist this shot!