Wednesday 11 February 2015

Big Judo Starts 2015

Big Judo has started for the year. Classes are going well we have all our instructors and lots of the regulars back and are having a good time.  Everybody is really looking forward to 2015.

Kids - Here are some shots from Pukekohe

Some shots of Tracey and Geoff organising the kids. See the new Yellow belts the Pukekohe team's first full belts - awesome. 

A quick shot of the parents - Always important to remember that without our supporters the instructors and I would would not be able to pursue our hobby!!. 

Police Judo - Our social class at the Police Station 

The guys at the Police class are having fun in these 'action' shots . This year we have formalised the class and focusing on good basic Judo. We also hope to do a trip this year.