Tuesday 4 November 2014

Information for Contest this Weekend

Competition time this Sunday so thought it might be good to put up some information for our parents and supporters.  So you know whats going on and can follow the action.  

First of all the 'mat'. The mat is the contest area and the picture shows its key features.  The action takes place inside a square 8-10 metres wide called the contest area.  Around the contest area is a row of different coloured mats (normally red) that indicate the boundary of the contest area. This in turn is surrounded by a wide safety area,  

Players (under 16) win by:

  • Throwing their opponent with force and control onto their back; or
  • By throwing their opponent to the ground and holding them on their back.
Above the age of 16 players can also force their opponent to submit using 'submission' techniques such as arm bars, strangles and chokes.

The contest is supervised by a referee and in larger contests the referee is assisted by corner judges. The referee scores the player's throws and signals their score using hand signals as outlined below.  
 Hope this is helpful.