Wednesday 25 June 2014

Big Judo Contest

Big Judo team for the Judokwai kid's competition did team very well last weekend.  We took eighteen kids to the contest and a huge group of very supporting parents, coaches and helpers.  The contest was very exciting and Big Judo took home a nice stash of medals (four golds, three silvers and seven bronzes).  We are slowly gathering up photos and will be putting them up on the blog.

Angus and Jami 'going hard' in the Under 24 kg category.

Jamie winning by hold down with kesa gatame.  All the coaches were really pleased that we are dominating the ground fighting. Our kids were transitioning from stand up to ground fighting really and escaping from ground holds.  Teaching Rick's style of Kosen Judo this made us really proud. 

Although contest like this are mostly about providing a 'safe' and controlled environment for kids to test their Judo skills and learn some great lessons about themselves such as  being courageous and sportsmanlike we still love it when they win. The two boys on the left are Zac and Jamie from Big - with their medals.