Tuesday 18 February 2014

Big Judo Kids Going Great Guns

Kids Judo is going 'great guns' we are in the third week of our first term and both Pukekohe and Central are getting awesome numbers and are having some really good classes.

Check out these photos and see what a great time the kids are having doing Judo.

'Mr Big' at Puke

A recent photo of the Puke Class lined up ready to bow off the mat.  Big Judo sticks to traditional protocols and we place a lot of emphasis of good behaviour and discipline on the mat.
The Big Judo instructors at Puke. Geoff, Ben, Karen and Tracey.  Tracey normally leads the kids classes but we all like to help out.  We also have a nice group of little brothers and sisters that come along. 

Central is going well too. This is some of the kids from our Beginners Class practicing fight on the ground. When they get a bit bigger we will move them up to our Big Kids Class.

Another shot of the beginners.

Here are Jordan and Ben with the Big Kids Class. At this stage the kids are starting to get graded and to compete in contests so the instruction gets a bit more technical. 

A nice shot of some good ground control being displayed by one of our big kids.