Saturday 7 December 2013

Big Judo Big Grading

A big day for Big Judo. Over 40 kids on the mat. Half a dozen instructors and two senior assessors all on the mat at once! No wonder we were all pretty tired at the end.  Check out these photos!

The kids bow in at the start of the grading.  Big Judo Pukekohe and Big Judo Central's first combined activity. 

The assessment team.  From right a random father - Tim Slyfield Judo NZ's High Performance Director and Commonwealth Games Judo Silver Medalist, David Mair 4th Dan Kosen Judo expert and assessor, Big Ben, Rob Levy another 'Big' Dad and ex-international, current NZ National Senior Coach and one of our assessors, Tracy Stormont our Pukekohe instructor and Jordan Reynolds our Central instructor. 

We always start with a warm-up

Then into demonstrating their techniques

Kesa Gatame - A ground hold

More ground techniques.

The kids getting an opportunity to get to know each other.

Another Kesa Gatame

Guess why we like this one?  The shoulder tapes look awesome!

Getting the kids organised for Ne Waza Randori ( ground fighting practice). We love ground work and part of the grading is making sure the kids are up to speed in this important skill.

About to turn his opponent over!
The kids lined up to hear their results. 
 So a big day for Big Judo but most importantly big thanks go out to the following people:

  • Rob and Dave for being our assessors.  We aim to train awesome grapplers and to do that we need to make sure we aren't afraid to let people examine our students. The guys did a great job for no reward other than personal satisfaction. We really appreciate it;
  • Jordan and Tracey for running the day and for keeping the classes going while I have been injured. the fact that our programme has kept going without missing a beat is testament to their commitment;
  • Geoff for helping out with the class at Puke. He has been a great support;
  • Trevor and Sam our Dads 'on the mat' having you there in the Central Class has been awesome; and
  • Most importantly the parents. Without you coming down sitting through classes, gradings and contests we would not be as good at introducing the sport we love to kids so thanks heaps.
Finally we aim for next year to be even bigger. We want to:
  • Raise the technical level of the kids already in the programme;
  • Get more kids into regular competition; and
  • Recruit more new players so that we keep growing and remain sustainable.  
Thanks everybody. Merry Christmas