Saturday 16 November 2013

Big Judo Auckland Update

Some photos from Big Judo's two kids classes in Auckland. Awesome watching the kids develop and the parents getting involved in Auckland we have three Dads who regularly attend and it is neat to see kids and Dads all participating in Judo.

Beginners 1-2 pm 

This class is aimed at kids starting Judo.  Big Judo is a Kosen style Judo club and we focus entirely on ground fighting skills for the first 6-12 months.  Fighting on the ground is a great medium teaching the kids gross motor skills that transfer into their stand up fighting later.

Jordan and Trev teaching the kids about fighting in the 'guard' position

The kids always have a good wrestle 
Big Kids 2-3 pm

The big kids class continues to have a solid ground work and grappling element but we extend the teaching to include throwing.